Eazy Mutherphuckin E
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Album: Eternal E
Song:We Want Eazy

Hey yo Ren, lets do this...
People from everywhere gather around
checkin out the sound, that Eazy is throwin down
with some help from Ren and Dre
makin away, with dope style
yo Eazy, what you gotta say
A miracle of modern creation
Eazy-E is on the set hyped up with the base
and a little bit of what you love
from a brother who is smooth like a criminal
I mean subliminal
other wise known as a villain
because I'm ruthless, when I spy the sucka
I kill him, but most I think
know not to deal with me, yo it obvious
tell me who ya came to see
Girl: Eazy, hey Eazy...why you were you pants like that?
Eazy-E: I wear my pants like this...for eazy access, baby...
yeah thats right
Ice Cube: Yo home boy, where we takin this down to?
Ice Cube: Where?
Ice Cube: Allright...

(yo Eazy, kick another verse)
yeah, cuz this is the way I know U like it
so I wont strike it, I took it and I hyped it
and now when its done, I know your pleased
and how the E just does it with ease..
just imagine a crowd screamin'
a girl dreamin', just to get a picture of me and
my B-O-Y-Z from the H-double O-D
N.W.A down with me
strong and I'm ragin
turn the page and
see I'm not a son of a gun
I'm a gauge n'
nuthin can avoid this shot cause its hittin
its all cool when you touch it I'm admitting
I'm commin off, raw into your speaker
makin the suckas on tha streetz feel weaker
but most I think, know not to deal with me
yo, it obvious, tell 'em who you came to see...
Man: Your werent born in no 73, why you be lyin about your age?
E: Man, why you gotta bring that up, yo, get this fool out of here.
Man: Yo, why are you always cursin your records?
E: Man, who are you? Jean Audrey or something? I just do that to
get my panties drop...now I wanna know who you came to see...
aww, never, I'm just to clever
so in fact that, no one can ever
I blow from a maniac and yo
I make it clear, sold out register is all I hear
money over turn, then I jet, to make another hit
for you to go and get, record stores sold out
because U love it, another example of how Eazy-

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